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Brand new Tumar catalogue for 2016!

We are delighted to announce the release of our 2016 catalogue.

Tumar has gone through many changes over the last years and you will see some great metamorphosis in the catalogue Going Wild, full of the new items. We invite you to come away with us and escape to the freedom of wildness in the savage beauty of felt and other precious natural materials, crafted into the timeless artifacts.



Messe Frankfurt Exhibition

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Booth № B46B, Hall 10.0, Passage Gifts



12-23 December 2015

Paris, France

Representative: Infira Osmond, ACAFK FRANCE ACAFK ( Association Art Culture et Amitié Franco Kirghize)

www.kirghize-shop.fr , www.marche-de-noel-paris-notre-dame.fr

Essay on the present state of the Kyrgyz crafts creativity

Today, in our opinion, in decorative art there is a separation into certain spheres. In a unique and decorative works, utilitarian function recedes into the background, and all the means of artistic expression are focused on decorative function, stylized decorating, it is especially clearly manifested in the east of the Chui valley. However, it should be noted: the loss of utility, the identity of the product leads to the modification of product itself, evolving towards ethnic tradition.